Puppy Care

Puppy Care

How we raise puppies

First 2-3 Weeks

We will be handling the pups as often as mum is comfortable with us doing so.  This is when she will spend all her time in the pen and take care of every need.  We will be weighing them daily and monitoring their health and development. We will post pictures as often as possible but will not be doing any video calls during this time.  Mum’s need to get their rest and to focus on their puppies. Any attempts to do video calls can be stressful for them.  This is our low-key/quiet time in the home.

Weeks 3-5

We will be focusing on handling and socializing the puppies with sights, touch, smells, and sound as they develop.  During this time we pay attention to developmental factors to making sure that we are addressing any fears, low confidence in situations, and begin basic house training. We begin potty training using safe litter products and pee pads, introducing puppy mush, and as they get older, grooming practices (brush, nail trim, bathing, drying, etc) and crate manners.  At this point, we will begin our video calls with individual families at set times.

Week 5

At 5 weeks of age, we will start adding adventure walks outside.  We will do outdoor playtime in the shared dog space to help prepare them for housebreaking.  We will also begin to go for car rides to get them used to it.  While it might seem like a lot has to happen in a 4 to 5-week span of time but they grow quickly and we want to help ensure that we are sending home a well-rounded puppy who is confident in handling things on their own with as much confidence as possible.

Week 6

End of week 5, early week 6 we will hold our puppy meet and greet where we hope everyone is able to come for a visit.  During this time you will be asked to give me your top two picks.  After the visit, we begin our temperament testing where we thoroughly look to see how each puppy has developed socially, what their fears or reactions are to specific objects, how they interact with strangers, etc.  This is a huge undertaking and often requires a team of people to help me with this testing and discussing results.  Once all the puppies are finished temperament testing, we will then contact everyone individually to discuss results.  From there, based on the order of deposits, you will be asked to make your pick of a puppy.  Our goal with this process to put the right puppy into the right home.  While most puppies can adapt to family life easily, some puppies may require specific things and we want to be fair to everyone including the puppy.

Week 7

During this time we will also be doing our microchips and our first set of needles at the vet.  Our vet appointment is set already and all puppies will have a health record to go home with.  Weeks six and seven are also low-key weeks for the puppies.  The temperament testing, microchip, and vet visit that happen in the span of a week is a busy week and a lot on the puppies so we want to make sure they get lots of rest and to also make sure no puppies have a reaction to vaccinations.  After the vet appointment, I will be contacting families to let you know how the appointment went and to set up a pick-up time.

There is a Facebook group that is strictly for pup buyers of current litters and for those who are on a waitlist.  This will make it easier for me to post videos and pictures as often as I can, along with general messages.  Please look for Dixon Acres Current Puppies.  Once puppies go home, members will be asked to join the main private group where our past buyers often share pictures and news.  I will be posting pictures and a couple of videos over the next couple of days.  You are welcome to add family members to the group so they too can see videos and pictures.  We will be posting individual puppy photos in a couple of weeks.